Hardware: Bluno V2.0
Firmware: v1.96

Characteristic DFB1 has the NOTIFY property but is missing Client Characteristic Configuration Descriptor (0x2902). This means that Bluetooth Central Devices can not subscribe to notifications on DFB1.

To duplicate:
On iOS, use LightBlue Explorer. Connect to Bluno. Navigate to dfb1, click "Listen for notifications". The notification is never added.
On Android use nRF Master Control Panel. Connect to Bluno. You'll see Notify listed, but no option to subscribe to notifications.

If necessary, I can provide Android, iOS, or Cordova code to demonstrate the problem.
Hi, we have the exact same problem using evothings cordova-plugin-ble for android. The service exposed with Notify property does not contain the 2902 descriptor:

"descriptors": [
"uuid": "2901"
"characteristic": "dfb1",
"service": "dfb0",
"properties": [

According to Bluetooth specs, it should return 2902 descriptor in order to configure the notifications for this specific service:

https://www.bluetooth.com/specification ... ifications (core version 4.2, page 2229, table 3.10)

Hi Nadeau Christian,

Thanks for your code, is it from bluno basic demo, that open source file? I am not sure in this problem, and will pass it to our team to see what they would say, I will update here.

Good day.
Hi Angelo,

We are using an apache cordova plugin (cross mobile platform framework). The problem is that any generic BLE plugins following the spec properly will try to write to this descriptor in order to enable notifications. And since it's not there, it's totally right to stop the enable notifications process at this point, and prevent the call to (e.g.: android) gatt.setCharacteristicNotification.

if you use native code directly, you are right, you can bypass this check, but it's more a hack than the actual spec.

Is there any reason technical reason why this descriptor was "deprecated" ?

Thanks for your reply,
Hi Don,
Bluno is a customised BLE device.
We may dismiss some functions so as to make BLE device easy to use.
For the time being, we may only recommend to use other plugin. Or ask the plugin owner make a patch on it.
I am the author of the Cordova plugin. I'm trying to add support for Bluno. The problem is that since Bluno does not expose the 0x2902 descriptor iOS and Android applications can not subscribe to the notification.

It's not just my app. nRF Master Control Panel and LightBlue Explorer have the same problem.

Can you make the 0x2902 descriptor visible in the next release of the firmware? This will make Bluno work with lots more hardware.