Like others, I am finding this board quite frustrating.

I have spent numerous hours trying to get the BLE function of this board to work properly--i.e., create a BLE Pipe between the FireBeetle and a Beetle. When the FireBeetle is configured as ROLE_CENTRAL and CMODE=ANYONE it does not link to a Bluno Beetle. I am able to link the FireBeetle to a Bluno Beetle if I set CMODE=UNIQUE on the FireBeetle and bind to one of my Bluno Beetles. However, I need to be able to set CMODE=ANYONE so that it can link to any of the 10 Bluno Beetle devices I have (I am able to do this with the Beetles--ie, one of them configured as CENTRAL, ANYONE and others as PERIPHEAL).

I thought I would try to update the firmware on the FireBeetle which is reported, through the AT command, as V1.10⸮ But I get an error on the Bluno Firmware Downloader "Dowload Timeout". I have reported these problems several days ago on the product page--but no response.

As mentioned previously, there is very little information on using this board and the wiki page can best be described as sparse. So, I am quickly coming to the conclusion that I regret buying these boards and you guys are not really supporting / promoting it.