By Jose
connectivity for 2 modules is alright. For 3 or more it seems that connectivity goes through the central? not each module connecting each other?

How are you guys approaching this?
By visualxl
Err.. Jose, isn't that we we are asking? :)

We don't have any way on doing this yet other than alternating the connection every now and then as suggested by Grey sometime ago. Though, I think it would be really cool if you can upgrade the firmware to make it able

1. to support multi connection. (The only chip that can support multi-connection as far as I know is Bluegiga BLE although I have never tried that before)
2. keep track of devices connected
3. Set UUID
By Jose
::) right...  :P

Ok, so far from what I've gathered, it seems that multi connection works like that. alternating the connection every now and then. Since BLE packets are small, my guess is that if you do it fast enough. Seems like is a data stream instead of an alternating connection.

Thus I suppose for 1 and 2, you do that on your Arduino Sketch.
As for 3, yes. It's a proposed update. Updates keep coming, but I have no idea when this feature will be added.

This is what I was thinking:

[list type=decimal]
[*]Check internal MAC address
[*]Bind MAC address
[*]CMODE to unique
Exit / reboot and your bluno is connected to a specific device. Repeat with different mac address to connect to a different device.
So the central bluno, is binding on command to specific devices as required and unbinding when need to connect to another.
By visualxl
That may work. I don't know. I believe its gonna be awesome if you can support multiconnection on BLUNOs.

Another thing is, why don't you like build anoher Arduino, but using BlueGiga BLE? I spoke to them sometime ago and they said it support multiconnection. Perhaps you may need to use other than UNO as it should at least support like 2 Serials. Just suggesting. :)

Don't get me wrong. I am in no way associated to bluegiga. Laugh!
By Jose
Visualxl, are you sure you are not a bluegiga sales rep ? If you send me some samples I'll give it a try  :P

I suppose we will keep updating the BLE product family, just keep an eye open for new updates. We are currently at 1.8e and in the last few weeks a few updates have being released.

The method i proposed earlier while might work to achieve multiconnection. There is a delay of a few seconds after reset / reboot BLE system. In this time, data could be lost. I think a wise approach would be to add in your Arduino code a little code to avoid data loss and make sure the device is connected. A ping like function might work:
device 1:
Serial print  hello
device 2:
if hello receive, send hello back
continue with wireless processes.

Have you tried this method i mentioned earlier?
By visualxl
Laugh! Of course I am not!

I would love to try. Unfortunately, BLUNO is not so cheap you know. As such, I only have 2 at the moment. Of course, if you want to give me some free BLUNOs, I could try that ~ :p
By Jose
how about an exchange for your bluegiga ones?  :P

We have a few events going around with rewards, It's a good idea you keep track of those for BLE free samples!
Or PM me directly and i'll try to see if any event is going on.