By toby
Just started with Arduino (Uno). I did some simple things like servo control, etc. No significant problems.

I ordered a Bluno and received it a couple of days ago. First I updated it to V1.8. Next I played with AT commands using a USB cable connected to my PC and then using BLE to my iPad. No problems doing everything manually with the Arduino IDE. AT commands worked correctly and I can connect to the iPad.

So then came time to download a sketch. I am using my PC connected to the Bluno via a USB cable. The idea is to use the Arduino IDE download function just as I did with the Uno. My sketch compiles but I get an error "avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00" when it tries to download.

I know the port and cable work because I can manually send AT commands with the IDE. I have tried all baud rates. The programmer is set to AVRISP mkII and the board is set to Arduino Uno. It's probably something simple. What am I missing?
By Grey.CC
Hello Toby,

Did you connect something device with BLUNO via bluetooth? LINK LED is on?
Or did you plug something on the BLUNO?
"0x00" means the serial port has been occupied. Please cut down the BLE connection or unplug the device on the Bluno.
It is better to attach a photo about your hardware connection. It will be clear to know what is happened.
By toby
Hi Grey. Thanks for the response.

Attached are two pics showing my laptop connected to the Bluno via USB and a close-up of the Bluno. As you can see, nothing is attached except the laptop.

What do you mean by "cut down the BLE connection" and how is that done? As I said, I am new to this.

Thanks again.

By Grey.CC
Hello Toby,
Could you input "AT+SETTING=DEFPERIPHERAL" to set it back to default mode? And try again.
If bluno is connecting other device, like another bluno, iphone, or anything else with Bluetooth, it can't make a uploading. Especially the LED is on. so it s better to disconnect these device first.
Do you have an ISPtinyUSB?
By toby
Hi Grey,

I entered AT+SETTING=DEFPERIPHERAL and got back an OK. See screen shots.

I do not have ISPtinyUSB. Never needed one with Uno. What can it do for this problem?

Shouldn't I be able to program Bluno with the USB cable?

By Grey.CC
Hello Toby?

There are two possibilities which I think could caused these issue.
One is driver problem, Could you download a new version Arduino IDE? 1.0.5 is better.
The other one is atmega328 bootloader issue, it need to burn a new one. As you haven't an USBtinyISp, you can contact DFRobot technical support mail: [email protected] 
By toby
Hi again Grey,

So I bought a USBtinyISP and reloaded the bootloader successfully. This did not, however, help the problem. I am using IDE version 1.0.5 as you suggested.

Two observations:
1. One time, in many attempts to download a sketch, it worked. I was able to load the Blink sketch and it ran successfully. At this point, I thought the bootloader had fixed the problem. I then tried to download the sketch again with a longer blink delay (so I could tell what was running) but it failed as before. I have never again succeeded in downloading a sketch. I reloaded the bootloader again but was not able to load a sketch.
2. Whenever I attach the USB cable, the IDE offers only Com4 for the port. However, the blunoFWdownloader only offers Com5. BTW - the blunoFWdownloader always loads successfully.

Any thoughts or is it time to contact tech support?

By Grey.CC
It is so strange, as BLE chip has replied your AT Command, it should be  fine.
OK, please contact DFRobot techsupport mail. Attach your Order ID and issue in the mail.
By willgllrm007
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I think a have a similar problem.  Is there any other dfrobot techsupport mail? coz I've sent my issue about 2 weeks ago and I still haven't got any response from them.