By MyComeBack

I am using Bluno V1.8 interfaced with an ehealth sensor to receive an ecg data and send it to a smartphone app.

I have modified the Bluno basic demo android source code provided to store the data and plot it. I did not change any thing on the source code except manipulating the received serial data in the main activity.

The problem I am facing is while I am able to receive signals sampled at a lower frequency like 20hz, I can't go more and doing so crashes my app. I tried to only store the data as a text file and noticed that it is probably a data parsing error from the bluetooth mode because I am using an ecg signal sampled at 200hz (5ms delay) and the received data shows that the mode is treating three or more data points as a single string.

I think this can be solved if i can change the bluetooth mode in the bluetoothLeService class.

Can you please help me on how to proceed with this. I have been trying hard to solve this but I found it difficult as I am a newbie to android.

Thanks in advance for your help.