By Weber Jackie
I want to reset the Vortex back to its factory settings using WhenDo. The manual suggests adding the "Factory Settings Reset" to the module list, but I cannot find it anywhere in the app. How do we reset the Vortex back to the factory settings.

By Leff
There is a very simple way which is to use your phone, open the app VortexBot, turn on the Vortex, when they are connected, the vortex firmware can be updated automatically to factory setting! ;)

Or you can follow the page3 of Vortex booklet to learn how to update(hard to discribe it,,, :roll: )
By NikolaosChatzopoulos
I just bought Vortex and trying to program it in WhenDo. Aside from not finding the "reset to Factory Settings" module, I also have an additional problem: in the manual, the "example programs" show a "speed" and "duration" for Vortex Motor actions. WhenDo does not give the duration option. I can change the "speed" and "delay", but there is no "duration" option. As a result, whatever I ask the motor to do, it does it for ever! Please help. - Nik
By Leff
Hi Nik,

WhenDo has updated, and the Factory reset is moved away. And now, it could support App on phone updating. See here viewtopic.php?f=19&t=1924#p8832

To your second question, actually, you have to change the motor state to change its behaviour, namely, drag another box to stop motor.
By NikolaosChatzopoulos
Hello Jeff,

Thank you so much for your help! You were right, I was able to restore Vortex it its original settings as soon as I connected it to the Vortexbot app. Nice Job on that, I literally had to only do two taps!

However, I would be grateful if you could elaborate a bit more on the second issue I talked to you about in my previous inquiry. I am trying to write a simple program where, when Vortex runs onto an obstacle, it will stop, go back a foot or two and then turn into a different direction. Are you able to provide any help on that?
Thank you in advance, -Nik
By NikolaosChatzopoulos
Hello again,

The PDF you provided is the same as the instruction that come with Vortex. However, the app does not allow me to set the Duration. I can select the different conditions and Actions, but when I select an action, the app does not give me the option to set the duration, therefore, whatever I select, it happens for ever. Please advise. If the app is not able to program the robot the way it is advertised and outlined in the manual I will have to return it, because programing is not possible. Please help!
By Leff
Hi Nikolaos,

Thanks for following up, I've passed your question to WhenDo team to see what they would come up with.
By NikolaosChatzopoulos
Hello Leff,

Thank you very much for following up. I bought the set of two, and planning on showcasing it at our conference
However, if this is not resolved, I will not be able to use Vortex at the conference because teachers and students will not be able to program the bots. I really hope that they will figure out what's wrong, I would hate to return the product instead of keeping it and promoting it to so many people here at the conference. I have tried several educational robots, and this is one of the most refilned ones. However, if students cannot program it, then it is just a toy and I cannot recommend it - Nik
By Leff
Hi Nik,

I personally tried on iPad to make VT run forward, and if meet an obstacle, it will stop. Here is the "code" I drew.

(261.39 KiB) Downloaded 788 times

And as to how to set how long the motor run and its velocity, you can double click on the motor module. As shown below:

(150.28 KiB) Downloaded 788 times

BTW, sorry that the software WhenDo can be updated from time to time, so the handbook in the packege would be out of date.