By dayb6303
I'm doing some renovation work in my house. And a good question is how to choose a toilet? Any guides, something that could ease my choice?
By rebeccabondvqt
First of all, may I ask what your budget is? If you want a basic economy model one, I would suggest going for a Geberit one. If you're looking for a more intelligent toilet, then get yourself a Sub Royal Clean + one. Second, you'll have to think about the design. Do you want an elongated or a round-fronted one? A standard height or a chair-height one? A 1 piece or a 2 piece toilet? Yeah, there's a lot to consider before actually buying a toilet, so do make sure you research your options before purchasing it. I'll share this helpful comparison guide between 1 piece and 2 piece toilets to ease your job: I hope this will come in handy!
By alizabeth845
Take into account the shape and height of the loo when you're buying because both will affect comfort levels when seated, access and the space the best toilet takes up. Elongated seats are probably more comfortable, but project further into the room than round ones.