Hello everyone,

I've been looking for a coding help to my final project which i have to use arduino+wifi shield by controlling the output switches using android phone.

Been trying to search on the web and playing with the examples.

The only thing i could do is connect the arduino to my wifi network smiley-lol
This is a very worthy project to undertake.WiFi Arduino Shield helps control the LED not only from few meters away but also from thousands of miles away or probably from a different continent, altogether. You can use any WiFi shield/module which is compatible with Arduino. It should be able to run a TCP server as that is what we will need to connect to the Arduino.
Configure DFRobot's WiFi Shield With Arduino. Connect a LED With Our WiFi Shield then upload the Sketch and Test WiFi Serial Communication having built our circuit. Test the TCP Communication Using a Mobile Telnet App and Install Evothings Studio and Cient to find a Related TCP Example in Evothings Studio. Finally, modify the Example Code and perform Port Forwarding & Publising Your App.
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I think this idea is very good, if you want to use Android, you can use Android Studio programming, and then search the Internet for some wifi connection program, and then you can make some changes according to the needs.
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