Hello to all.

looking for a simple way to create a e paper badge to wear. I found this great project :


this is exactly what I need to do. but I have some simple question before buying and doing the project :

- I don't find the battery LI Ion 3.3 v micro anywhere. the only mini battery I find are 3.7v, if anyone has a link to buy the adapted battery, would be great.

- does anyone made a STL file for printing the 3D case? where can I find it?

thank you all for your help.
I have questions with the same project, but with Black & White e-Paper.Tryb
I just received the FireBeetle ESP32 4.0 and the FireBeetle Covers e-Paper Black & White Display Module (SPI) V1.0.
Connected them and try the PictureDemo in the "Example", nothing happened after upload of the code.
"WARNING: library SPI claims to run on (esp32) architecture(s) and may be incompatible with your current board which runs on (DFRobot_FireBeetle-ESP32) architecture(s)"

Try the code for flashing the Blue LED in the FireBeetle ESP32 4.0, it worked.

Anything I missed?