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By shrestha_hk
Hello All,

I had bought the DFROBOT sim7600ce module from mouser. I have connected the module with 12V battery, Main antenna , aux antenna and put the sim card. But the Net light is flashing continuously in every 200-300 mSec. While I had connected the jumper Rx->D8 and Tx->D7 and tried to test command it doesn't respond anything.
Please guide us to resolve the problem.
By nana.wang
Hi thanks for your support.
Which main control board are you using?
Please select D0/D1 or D7/D8 as communication serial port through jumper cap according to the type of controller board.
Usually, flash Quickly(1 time per second): network registering is done.
By shrestha_hk
Hi nana.wang, Thank you for your prompt reply.
I have been using Arduino Uno for AT command testing using Software serial as well as hardware serial. Yes I have used the jumper to connect D0/D1 or D7/D8 for Rx/Tx.
I also used the USB-TTL connector for communication, while I send the AT through serial port it doesn't respond anything(OK is expected) .
By nana.wang
It seems like that my last post was gone, if you have read it please ignore this one.
Well, please try select "NL&CR" mode in the serial port monitor.
By shrestha_hk
The problem has been solved!
Dear all, if you are facing communication problem with SIM700CE-T LTE shield, please be sure you are communicating with 115200 bps. It doesn't supports the auto baud.

Dear @nana.wang, We are monitoring the river data for early warning and water level monitoring purpose. Due to upgrade of network provider to LTE we are updating the system from 2G to 4G. But due to insufficient library we are facing some problem in beginning.