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By dj_soul25
I purchased BLE Micro EVBmake_clickable_callback(MAGIC_URL_FULL, '(', 'https://www.dfrobot.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1222', '', ' class="postlink"')) and after a day of testing it, I couldn't scan it anymore. I wanted to reset it. Also, how could I perform AT commands? Should I connect it to my arduino? If so, how? There is no documentation on how to do it. Thanks
By Wendy.Hu
Hi dj_soul25,

May I confirm that you couldnt scan it anymore mean there is not a serial port, right? And you can refer to this link shown at the bottom of the wiki to set AT commands :https://www.dfrobot.com/wiki/index.php/Bluno_SKU:DFR0267#Configure_the_BLE_through_AT_command

As for how to connect it to your Arduino, you need to solder some pins to the module, then connect the TX RX pin to arduino's, shown in the picture:

Let me know if you have any problem. Looking forward to your reply :)
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By dj_soul25
Hi Wendy.Hu,

I couldn't scan it anymore - I mean the ble micro is not showing anymore on my ble scanner app.

I have tried connecting the ble micro evb to my arduino but there is no response on the Arduino serial monitor when I try to send AT commands. I have this connection configuration:

BLE Micro EVB Arduino
TX -----------------> RX (Pin 0)
RX -----------------> TX (Pin 1)
GND ---------------> GND
GND ---------------> GND
+3V3 --------------> 3.3V

Do I have the correct configuration?
By Angelo
Please make sure that your Arduino Tx and Rx pin should be 3.3V. Otherwise it may harm your board! You cannot directly connect the pin to Arduino, please put a resistant on the Rx pin of BLE MICRO EVB.

If you want to use Arduino to act as a Serial to Usb converter, please connect like this:

BLE Micro EVB Arduino
RX -----------------> RX (Pin 0)
TX -----------------> TX (Pin 1)
GND ---------------> GND
GND ---------------> GND
+3V3 --------------> 3.3V