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By liveitnerd
I've been investigating making a motorised animal door for my cat and the 300mm drive belt and matching pulleys look great. Could you advise what geared down motors you stock that can be connected directly to these pulleys?

By Jose
Welcome liveitnerd,

what 300mm drive belt and matching pulleys?
Can you share a link?
By liveitnerd
Hey Jose,
Thanks for the quick reply.  The SKU's are FIT0236 for the belt and FIT0247 for the pulleys.  Either a heated down motor module or a 360° servo would be fine as the load won't be huge.

By Jose
Hello Liveitnert,

http://www.dfrobot.com/index.php?route= ... 2CuXvmSzrg

But any other motor with 5mm diameter drive shaft should do it well. Is this door for outdoor or indoors? I curious, how are you going to trigger it? Sounds very interesting, but often pets figure this out without requiring any automated mechanism unless you want to lock it or something else?
By liveitnerd
Hey Jose,

Great motor.  A steeper motor is probably over kill but will help to know if something is in the door way still. 

The idea is to create a door with a decent environmental seal.  I figure for that to be the case a cat won't be able to deal with the weight etc.

To archive this I was thinking of using the IR  distance sensors on either side of the door to detect the presence of the cat and lower the chance of a false positive.  The door would be mounted on lateral bearings on a rod.  The drive belt will be attached to the door to slide it.

The whole thing would be attached to a Raspberry Pi to let me know when the cat is inside or out and to restrict access where needed.  It's also allows complete remote control as well.

It's all just something I'm putting together on paper at the moment but I do hope to put it in one day.
By Jose

Good point, in my experience, if cats have the strength but the door is heavy they rather not even bother unless too hungry haha. Sliding door seems the most reasonable choice to me.
As for IR to detect the proximity of the cat is worth a try. Is it protected against the sun? What range are you thinking for the door to open ? (perhaps you want to train the cat before, if the cat sees the door close from the distance, might not want to get close enough to trigger the sensor)
What exactly you mean by environmental seal? against rain / wind?
Are you making the RPi wireless or wired? what are you using to remote control? a webserver?

Sounds like fun project! ;D
By Leff
It's cool! monkey, it's more interesting :D

martinbrower12 wrote:I like you idea of making motorised animal door for cat, now i used this same for my little cute monkey. 300mm is big for my pet i should try to use less size. i recently made unmanned railway crossing project for my son's school project by using steeper motor. Hope it also works for my animal door project too. Thanks for sharing your views and giving me best idea. Outsourcing Back Office