Easy IoT is a simplest IoT Solution presented by DFRobot
By Phillcollian
Get SQLite Data Recovery software to recover damaged SQLite database files created by SQLite2 and SQLite3. Software presents smart preview of recovered tables and other database objects. Via SQLite database repair tool, you can save the entire recovered data into a new SQLite database as well as in MDB. I would like to request have a look on its tutorial visit: www.recoveryandmanagement.com/2017/04/06/repair-sqlite-database-manually
Superb Database Repair for MySQL is comprehensive utility to fix and recover corrupt MySQL databases and restore all the unreadable database objects safely, such as views, primary keys, triggers and more. It recovers relationship constraints, table properties, and keys of InnoDB and MyISAM tables. This feature is very useful to minimize the painstaking stress with a streamlined and simple repair operation.