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I have three devices, my PC and two WiFi Bee modules.

One WiFi Bee Module - configured as AP - Calling it WiFi Bee1

My PC is connected to this AP successfully.

The other WiFi Bee is also connected to this AP successfully. - Calling it WiFi Bee2

AT+CWLIF command shows both devices connected with their respective IP and Mac address.

I would like to send TCP packets between WiFi Bee2 and my PC through the AP configured on WiFi Bee1.
The IP address of the PC is and a port runs at 10. I have checked this port and it works fine.

However AT+CIPSTART="TCP","",10 from WiFi Bee2 results in 0, CLOSED error always.

Even pinging WiFiBee2 from PC says destination unreachable.

While connecting WiFi Bee2 and my PC to my home internet router works fine (pinging as well). Could anyone please tell me any lead to solve this problem? Can't such connection be made?

Any help is appreciated.