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I bought a couple of TEL0117 products for mesh module testing, and am having very difficult time finding PROPER DATASHEET AND INSTRUCTIONS of LoRa MESH Radio Module.
The one that seems to be closest to the user guide is LoRa MESH Radio YL-800N EN.pdf from the local distributor.

the link is
https://github.com/Arduinolibrary/LoRa_ ... N%20EN.pdf

1. AT Command set default UART setting is WRONG in the datasheet.
From the datasheet, The factory is 9600 baud module, 1 stop bit. However, parity must be set to EVEN for proper communication.

2. AT command is WRONG
AT command does not work. it seems that entering AT mode by typing "+++" is OK, but AT+ command does not work. Actually, not a single command instruction works.

3. No support program
I had to find crappy parameter setting program from the Chinese site, and had hard time translating the letters. Even worse is, there are no examples how to use the program to send data. IT DOES NOT WORK.

I am very deeply disappointed about the support of this module. There is no guide in the community, wiki, and blog. Please send me the proper datasheet or user guide.

Thank you