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Hello All,
I was using Arduino Uno board for executing AT commands of a BLE+GSM module, all AT command response are displaying in Arduino Uno serial monitor. I am getting all responses are proper and able to read BLE data(BLE client) from the BLE server but I am unable to send the same data to the server via HTTP post method. For solving this problem what we thought is first we will read BLE AT read command response and stores it into one buffer and whenever the HTTP post asking for data we will pass the buffer. This is my resolve our problem.
Now the main thing is, how to read AT command response from the Arduino serial monitor and stores back to in buffer and pass the same whenever the HTTP post method is required?

for example, there is on AT command which is for scanning available BLE device:
Command: AT+QBTGATCSCAN=1,"B001" //Start scanning LE device.
Response: +QBTGATCSCAN: 1,0,"B001"
The command we will send through Arduino board to BLE+GSM module after the command executed we will get a Response that is printed in Arduino serial monitor.

If anybody knows this please respond on it.

Thank you.