New Tronxy xy-2, works well, installed given USB driver ch340 (v 1.3 as supplied), prints fine via SD card. Plug machine into computer, computer screen blacks out, then comes back on, start using repetier (even cura) every time I send to the printer computer screen goes black, sometimes doesn't even come back on. Does come back on when I unplug the computer from the 3d printer. I have tried different versions of the ch340 driver even removed completely to use Mac OS native driver, still the same. Anyone have this issue, any possible fix?reverse phone lookup
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By trygve
The issue has to do with electrical potentials.
The printer and the computer is wired differently when it comes to ground, chassis ground and how they handle AC input power.

A fast way to fix it is an USB Optocoupler.
Try searcing for 'USB isolator Optocoupler' on eBay, AliExpress or other site. Andcheck the pictures to make certain it has both a male and female connector.
The other option is to swap out the PSU for the printer and hope another one works differently.