By Jose
This is a work in progress.
plan to run it on windows, but not sure if servos will manage!

I'll keep updating :D
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By jeff.creative3danimation
I have a much larger bot that is called the RoboServant that uses 4 continuous rotation servos to drive it.
Here is what I did to make this work.
The two servos on the right side and connected together using a Y-cable as well as on the left side.
RoboServant is much heaver than what you are currently doing so the servos should be fine.
The servos I used on RoboServant were inexpensive plastic gear ones that I picked up from Radio Shack but from my research are produced by parallax.
He stands 43 inches (109 cm) tall and with the tablet on him weight right around 7 lbs. I don't think you will have any issues with what you are doing.
One other thing I did to help in the movement was to add two Omni Wheels to the rear, this compensates for there not being an actual pivot wheel in the back like these
You can use four standard wheels but you will see that when turning a lot of force is then applied to the rear wheels which over time can cause the servos to fail.
After looking closely at your images I noticed that you have the servos facing each other. You will need to make the servos so that they are going the same direction otherwise they will fight each other and you will sit in one spot and spin.
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By Jose
Thanks a bunch for the input!

I'm still baffled how difficult to get a decent OS running. Right now plugging in the SD card drives the CPU to max and apps stop working...

The servos are hot glued, so it is a quick fix. I was clearly not thinking when i sat them on the frame. However, the cardboard on the servo horns is most likely going to break soon, so the omniwheels is probably a must. :shock:

Did you get it running on the tablet/phablet?
By jeff.creative3danimation
The software is running on a windows 8 tablet.
I installed the software on a SD drive so I would not take away from the limited HD space of the tablet.
The drivers for the Veyron wanted to be give me a little trouble but with some patients everything is working.
Yes the servos need to be going in the same direction or you will go nowhere fast.