By grasscube
im trying to figure out if i can somehow build a homing device for my bachelor's degree project using an Arduino or something similar.
DIY robotics and computing hardware (like Arduino) are totally new to me so im pretty much struggling to fined a definitive answer.

My goal is to make a homing device on a robot that can detect a signal (in a range of no more than 30 meters) emitted from a specific transmitter lock on its direction and steer the root there from a fixed docking station.
The robot is small, suppose to be no bigger than 300x300x300 cm frame so the devise should be small.
It should be able to pic up a signal on a flat level surface and without elevation, the transmitter is on the same level as the robot.

Right now any solution is good for me, but it'll be best if the device will work regardless of obstacles that can block the line of sight between the transmitter and the receiver, like an IR device wont work if the IR beam is blocked by a small wall.

In any case any idea, like IR, Ultra Sound, RF or any other method will be very much appreciated!
By Leff

how is it going of your project?

have you consider about Xbee or anything like that? It works better than IR at break through wall~ ;)