By charlie4453
I was put on a project by my boss to assemble and code a robot that is able to follow a line across the facility. I have everything installed, however, I am very lost on how to go about the line tracking. I only have two DF Robot Line Tracking Sensors for Arduino. Am I supposed to have three? I am very new to this and need to get it done as soon as possible. I have everything set up with a Hercules Dual 15A 6-20V Motor Controller with a UartSBee V4 and I have four motors connected to it. I have already downloaded Arduino and have experimented with simple codes to make it move forwards and backwards. I just need to know know is how to go about the line sensors, and how to code it so that it will follow a line.
By Leff

line track is not new , you may find a lot project on the web. ;)

and since you have two sensors, I draw a little picture to show the idea:
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if SENSOR A detect line, turn left a little, if B detect line, turn right a little. Vesy simple.

1 sensor using method could be found from the wiki tutorial at the product page.( For most product )
2 the coner angle( the turning point) of the line should be less than 90 degree.

Hope to help! :)