this is my first auduino project, to control two steppers separately using two 2A motor shield L298P. I'd like to use 8 step mode to get more accurate results.
The motor I am using is 28-BYJ48, the sheild is:http://www.dfrobot.com/wiki/index.php?title=Arduino_Motor_Shield_(L298N)_(SKU:DRI0009).

There are quite a lot of examples showing how to drive the motor using ULN2003 motor board. However, I fail to find examples using the L298P. As mentioned on the Wiki, the most smiliar board is L298N, which can driver two DC motor. I don't know whether it supports stepper or not, but I suppose it should. Being working on it all day but not very successful. Please give some advices if possible.

Hardware connection and control mode selection
The 28-BYJ48 is an unipolar stepper and has 5 wires. The blue and yellow is one pair, while the pink and orange is the other pair.
Because the L298N only has four terminals, the red wire is left open. Also, I use external power to drive the motor. My questions include:

1) The current control mode is PWM, it's default, I don't know the difference between PWM and PLL. Which one I should use to control a stepper ?
2) The PIN connection is as follow: Blue - M2+, yellow-M2-, Pink-M1+,Orange-M1-; I don't know whether this is right or wrong ?
3) in the sketch, I define:

int DirectionApin = 4; // set channel 'A' direction pin, this will be M1
int DirectionBpin = 7; // set channel 'B' direction pin, this will be M2
int PwmApin = 5; // set channel 'A' enable pin, this will be E1
int PwmBpin = 6; // set channel 'B' enable pin, this will be E2

Based on the wiki page, I set the first step to be:
digitalWrite(PwmApin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(PwmBpin, LOW);
digitalWrite(DirectionApin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(DirectionBpin, LOW);

However, no motion is observed. I am not sure what are the meanings of E1 and E2, and how to control the step.
for the motor itself, the signal should be:
B P Y O (blue rink yellow orange)
H H L L (high high low low) step 1
L H H L step2
L L H H step3
H L L H.

any suggestions will help, thanks in advance.

Yes, I search alot related posts but not refering to 298N, I will try it these days.

To your questions:

1 PWM method need Direction pin(High / Low) and Speed pin(0-255 ) to control a motor, but PLL dose exactly contrary as Direction(0-255 ) and Spead(0 / 1). Then it could think as PWM use voltage value to control speed but PLL use Time span to control the speed. :geek: Truely, I 'm not quite understand.

2&3 I will try the stepper trail with L298P with you. ;)