Hi there I'm a 3rd ye graphic design student, I'm thinking about buying the Canon Pixma iP8720. I was looking at the Pro 100, but the ink seems to run out quicker and is more expensive since it has the additional 2 tanks. I also need this printer to print regular text documents ex. essays for school and such. I've read that the Pro 100 shouldn't be used for regular docs though. I was thinking I can buy cheapo inks off amazon to use for text/unimportant docs and use the canon high quality inks for my actual art prints if I'm even able to do so.

Any recommendations??
Printer Type: Inkjet | Features: Print, copy, scan | Display: 5-inch color touch screen | Ink: Six cartridges (pigment black, dye black, photo blue, cyan, magenta and yellow) | Connectivity: 802.11 b/g/n, USB 2.0, Ethernet

Fast printing and scanning
speedsVery fast at making color copies
Six individual ink cartridges
Large 5-inch color touch screen
Prints labels onto coated CD/DVD discs
Estimated ink costs are about average
Paper cassette feels a bit flimsy
Two-sided text-printing speed is about average
I use a similar model, iP72240 very good one, I'm also a student and I think that this is just a necessary thing. I study at the Faculty of Philology and often have various kinds of work As I often need to print out my papers and other text documents I decided to buy this model of printer. It’s very convenient to use and I quickly got used to the fact that I don’t have to go anywhere to print all my papers, and it saves a lot of time.
I think that it is not worth saving on technology if the productivity and quality of your work depend on it. I work for Essaygeeks as a writer and I understand that the success of my work largely depends on the technology and software that I use. Therefore, if this technique allows you to improve your result, then do not skimp.