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Business with a 3D printer

Unread postPosted:Fri Apr 09, 2021 7:01 pm
by george.dem.1984
Friends, I want to raise a very interesting topic. Business using a 3d printer. To many, after watching videos about the capabilities of a 3D printer on the YouTube channel, it seems that they will buy it and will make money. But, in reality, everything is different. They simply do not find a sales market or even do not understand what to do with this toy. They will print some trinkets for the house and that's it, it remains dusty or goes for sale.
When I was considering buying a 3D printer, I initially thought about what I would print and for whom. And here are the thoughts I had. There are girls, at first they are single, but then they get married, give birth and on maternity leave. Many of them, and not only, are looking for a part-time job, an occupation for this time and begin to cook. Cooking. Cookies. And what do you need for cookies or gingerbread? That's right, the form. This is the target market. Having monitored the market for cooking forms, I realized that with the proper approach, you can make money on it. Now I am sharing with you.