By zeesh
I managed to get the driver working once only for about 20 seconds.
The driver power source (12V) was disconnected and then applied again. Since then I get no response and the error LED lights 6 seconds after every power up. I have read the DFRobot wiki page for this controller and have not succeeded in getting uart connectivity to the configuration software either. Any suggestions please.
Hello Zeesh,

What is your micro controller? Did you try the debugging software?
When you connect the driver as UART mode, please exchange RX and TX on the Arduino. It will display the error information on the software. Moving the slider to control the speed and direction of the motor.

Or you can switch it as analog mode. Did you try the sample code?
thx for reply Grey,
the initial success was in analog mode. I am not using a micro controller. I have tried to get the software to talk to the module in uart mode but the software freezes after 'read' is pressed. Changing  tx an rx does not work either. The error lamp comes on regardless, after about 5-6 secs.