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I think you should follow the instruction in the link
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Hi Smith Bob,
Thanks for the feed back.
This is a very old post. I'll ask someone to move it to the right place. How about try to use this library to handle the wireless communication.make_clickable_callback(MAGIC_URL_FULL, '
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The objective of this project was to control the device with the gamepad, communicating with Xbee. Everything was ok until the program started giving me problems.
My problem is this: What happens to me is that the controller sends me data of the analog button but the Arduino does not receive the same values I send, that is, my goal is to press (J1 or J2) buttons in order to control the speed of the BRUSSHLESS.
By writersspace
I also usually check products by wiki.
You mean the joystick value?  or just button value? Have you check the product wiki? ... U:DFR0182)
Although it is not very good, but it should work. Have you read the analog data?
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