By Leff
Follow the several simple steps to know how to upload the sketch, you will also learned some useful tips to avoid burn your board. ;)

:!: 0 Here I will use DFRobot Uno and Romeo as example On Win10. And the Arduino IDE is the 1.6.5.

0 All the first thing to do is plug your USB cable with the board. The power LED is on.
:!: If you are gonna use servo/motor/step etc, please donot use them on Arduino board without a GOOD external power supply attached! Or the low power will cause bootloader lost. Btw, it can be fixed. ;)


1 Check your Arduino Board Serial Port in your Device manager.


:!: If your Arduino IDE is not installed by ***.exe but by unzipping a ***.zip file. Then you may have to install the driver manually to see the right board serial port.

2 Open sketch"blink" or write your code in Arduino IDE


3 Choose Board as showing in the Device manager or check the specification on its product page . Here, they are

Leonardo COM3
Uno COM7


4 Upload your sketch, it will compile automatically before uploading.


5 It will be done in a seconds.
leo done.png
Uno done.png

Or failed:

wrong port.png

Fail Reason:

1 Board / Port not right.

2 Bootloader lost

3 Sketch not right( Compiling failed but not board problem )

4 Serial port was occupied.
4.1 BLE was Linked ( BLE shares the same serial port with usb port )
4.2 Wires plugged in I/O Pin 0,1, i.e. RX/TX


5 Forbidden operations were taken when uploading, unplug the USB cable and repower again.

6 Some virus anti software might cause uploading process very slowly.