Further observed missing blocks
(I got the package -kit and it looks well)

MaQueen Plus has encoders for the motors. GREAT!
But no blocks to access the encoder

robot move forward at RPM ,<rpm>
robot move forward for DIST <distance> which can be a measure of clicks in encoder or full wheel rotation.

How soon can this version be available... I have major plans for this product :)
Tried your suggestion and found MaQueen Plus in SHIELD
Check, I found how to access all 6 line tracing sensors
NOT OK, ENCODER is not used for both left and right motor.
Encoder gives possibility of moving while counting the turns.

But motor commands are the following

maqueenPlus.motorRun(maqueenPlus.LEFT, maqueenPlus.CW, 200);
maqueenPlus.mostotCompensation(maqueenPlus.LEFT, 200);

Where 200 is a function of power (or voltage) and NOT RPM or distance to travel.
I will need a way to USE the ENCODER automatically during motor movement.

Thank you