By drancope
I've built mind+ with qtcreator.
There were two or three mistakes in some files: ui_WidgetMain.h calls for logininforwidget instead of LoginInforWidget. qextserialport.cpp has two BAUD lines commented.
At first running, I didn't notice that Resources folder must be copied to build directory, and after that, the program appears to run correctly. But it doesn't succeed with uploading.
I think I'm missing something, but I'm afraid I'm not a software engineer.
By Jose
Hello Drancope!

I'm unaware of the environment preferences/settings required for building on Linux.
Is there any error output when you attempt to upload?

By drancope

No errors handled by mp.
Arduino type and usb port don't seem to go wrong. I select ttyACM0, as I do with Arduino IDE (the port is dynamically created when connecting the board). However, I've tried some others.
The progress bar reaches the end quite fast, and almost inmediately jumps back to 70% and shows the "done" message.

On console, two messages when uploading:
QSqlDatabasePrivate::addDatabase: duplicate connection name 'Buffer', old connection removed.
QSqlDatabasePrivate::addDatabase: duplicate connection name 'Dict', old connection removed.

When opening serial console, after selection of usb port (any of them), an error window shows up with the text "No error has ocurred". That doesn't bother much to me, but It may suggest there is a problem with coms.