By Zander
Hi guys

I'm having trouble connecting the DFRobot Gravity multiplexer for a project with multiple conflicting I2C addresses.

As soon as I include the line
DFRobot_I2CMultiplexer I2CMulti(0x70);
into my code, the ItsyBitsy m0 bootloader fails to load, indicative that the program causes it to crash.

I have tried running the example included with the library; I2CReadWrite.ino, which causes the same problem.

I am using Arduino IDE 1.8.12

I have narrowed it down to the previously mentioned line, as commenting only it out causes the board to launch without issue.

Is there a compatibility issue I'm not aware of? is there something else I might be missing?
I had the same problem with multiplexer using Wio Terminal. I noticed that if you remove the Wire.begin() call from the DFRobot_I2CMultiplexer constructor and you call it "manually" at the beginning of the setup() function it starts to work.
By handycam13
I have the same or a very similar problem. When I use the DFRobot_I2CMultiplexer library, I can measure 8 sensors when I use an Arduino Mega. If I use the exact same code on an Arduino DUE, nothing works, the Arduino does not work. It doesn't even start the first line of code.

I have not found a solution yet.