By tx28
I am using DFPLayer Pro

Is there an example sketch that allows me to start the player when a button is pushed and stop the player when the button is pushed again?

If so, where is it?

If not, is it possible to post one so I can use it?

Gary Granai
By diylab
You can do so ;
after the button Play/Pause has been push, enter a value in a variable.For example : playOn = 1.
When the button will be push next time, the code have to check the value of the vaiable.
If playOn == 1 ; then command = pause();
elseif playOn == 0; then commande = play().

It suppose that each time you hit the button to act Play(), playOn = 1.
And each time you hit the button for Pause(), playOn = 0.