By me
I recently purchased a Beetle BLE and once connected to my computer(s), it does not respond in any way.

I've tested:
- Windows 10 on 2 different computers; both cases in device manager nothing comes up whatsoever, not even 'Unknown Device'
- iMac running macOS (Sierra) & Linux (Ubuntu 16.xx) - nothing in system info or Arduino IDE
- Multiple device drivers / Arduino IDE versions (v1, v1.5, v1.6, v1.8) on PC, MAC and Linux

On all versions of Arduino IDE ,the 'Port' is always grayed out in options. It's also important to know that the red PWR light does come on and there is some activity from the green light above it.

So after my testing adventures, I sent for a replacement from the supplier - got the replacement - same issues, even with a brand new one!

Anyone experience similar or have a solution?

By Wendy.Hu
Hi Sir,

I am sorry to hear that! And it sounds a little strange! In theory, its impossible to encountered same problem with both modules. Would you mind give me a picture about your packing box info? Then I will do some test with these modules to see if there are something wrong with them. And did you try different usb cable to try again? Same problem?
And if its still a defective one, you also can require a replacement from the supplier, then please let them do a test before sending to you to make sure its a good one.
By me
Hi Wendy,

Thanks for getting back to me.
I agree, it sounds really strange! I've tried 3 different cables, one of them brand new. I've contacted the supplier again and you're right, it may be best if they test it first. Maybe they have a defective batch.

You can view the screenshot attached.

DFRobot - Bluno Beetle
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