By hansikamothvani63
I am looking at starting a project that would utilize a SIM card type shield. I am not sure I'll be using Arduino but the question still applies if I use some other processor platform.

Firs Question: Can I buy just any data plan and jam a SIM card in?

I understand how to do the programming side of stuff or can find tutorials readily available. What I am confused about is how I can for sure get the shield connected to a common carrier network. I would to use Virgin Mobile since they're my carrier right now and I could just use the SIM from my regular cell for experimentation.

Second question: Has anyone successfully gotten a carrier to give them an extremely cheap plan for this sort of thing?

What I am building or wanting to build is going to be using very little data. It's basically a tripwire idea. It'll inform a user it's been tripped via text and maybe once a day (or at any user-selected interval) it'll send a message to inform the user it's still activated. I really don't want to buy another cell phone plan for $40/mo per-device for this system.