I'm trying to connect multiple A02YYUW ultrasonic sensors (9 pieces) on 70cm platform but I'm facing interference issue. I'm able to read them at same time via 9 HW serial ports, but I'm getting reflection from other sensors quite often.
This sensor is controlled via serial port RX/TX, so I'm curious if there is any possibility to change frequency or some other settings like when to start firing or how long to wait for reflection etc. so i can try to fix it somehow.

Thank you for any help.

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Hi, Interference can be caused by multiple software serials being used at the same time, here are some suggestions.
Solution 1. You can read data by polling one by one, but they can't work together at the same time, which cannot satisfy your requirement.
Solution 2. Use FPGA to make 9 hard serial ports to receive data at the same time.
Solution 3. Use 4 I2C to multiple serial port module, and expand 8 hardware serial port, then with 1 software serial port, then you can run 9x A02YYUW Waterproof ultrasonic sensors at the same time.
Hi, thanks for answer. I'm using teensy 3.6 board with 6 HW serial ports, so I was planning to use two boards( i did test with 6 sensors and one board now). I'm ok with refresh around 3-5 per second, so triggering only odd sensors and then even can do the job maybe. But i don't know how to control sensor triggering, when i read from them, they keep firing unless i disconnect power. But to start reading again took around 800ms.

Did you resolve this?

I'm considering this module for a vehicle with 3 front facing, and 3 rear facing. Initially I was looking to JSN-SR04T however I need to be able to sense nearer than the 28cm blind zone.

Could you achieve what you want by controlling the power via MOSFETs and only energising those you want to talk to in turn?

Thanks, Geoff