By Likesmoke
Hi, i just received two Xboard.

When i tried to do a simple serial test:
[color=#CC6600]void[/color] [color=#CC6600][b]setup[/b][/color]()

  [color=#CC6600][b]Serial[/b][/color].[color=#CC6600]print[/color]([color=#006699]"Test test"[/color]);

[color=#CC6600]void[/color] [color=#CC6600][b]loop[/b][/color]()

using the serial monitor i have to set the double baud rate, in this case 38400, to see "test test", if i dont do this i see weird things :(.

Trying to find where is the problem , i think it is in the [b]tool->board selection[/b]. Fio is 8 Mhz and Xboard now is 16Mhz (older version were 8Mhz i think).

If i choose [b]Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (5V, 16 MHz) w/ ATmega328[/b]. The serial monitor work as it supose to do ^^.

Is that the correct way to fix that? or im doing something wrong?¿?.
(Im really noob in arduino world ^_^ and maybe the problem is in another way).

Also i wanna use optibootloader too but dont know if the process could be the same that [url=][/url] or i need to change something becouse Mhz.

Thx for your support.
Sorry for my english xD.

Hi Likesmoke,

You should select the "arduino dumilanove" from the boards selection menu. Sorry for the undocumented change. We will update the product page today.

As far as the Optiboot loader goes. The process should be the same. except the HEX file might be different. We have not attempted it. Doing this might also require you to create a new board definition in the boards.txt file.

Checking [b]boards.txt[/b], i found that "Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (5V, 16 MHz) w/ ATmega328" and "Arduino Duemilanove or Nano w/ ATmega328" got same definition ^^.

To have things more clear on Arduino IDE i just made this entry.

[code] Xboard-A by DFRobot Atmega328P low voltage version (16Mhz)


All works nice.

Thx for your quick and good answer Hector.
If finally i atempt to use Optiboot loader ill known here.