By kloom
I'm wondering if it's possible to change the pairing code of the Bluetooth bee ?

And in the best case to set it in an "auto-pairing" mode - like no code... ?

I've found nothing about this on this forum nor on the internet...

Someone already tried this ?


By Hector
Hi Koom,

Here is the data sheet for the Bluetooth chip. In the data sheet there are some "AT" commands you can use to change the pairing pin.

By kloom
Thanks ! I'll give a try to theses ATs... :)
Do you know why this BTBee is seen by my laptop (apple mac book pro 13") and not by an iphone nor an ipad ? I've read that the apple BT is limited... Is this pb come from Apple or my device config ?

Thanks for your time !

By Hector
I'm not sure why your other idevices are not seeing the btbee...If your macbook sees the bee, then I would imagine the problem is an incompatibility with the ipad and iphone. But I can't be certain, since I don't have an iphone or ipad here to test with.