I just got a V3 bluetooth bee.  After reading through other topics on this forum I was able to get the baud rate set to 115200 and communication between 2 pcs works great over the bluetooth device.

Now I want to use the bluetooth bee to communicate between a pc and a Motorola HC12 microcontroller (TTL serial).  Wired serial communication between pc and the mcu works great as well as mcu to mcu.

However with the bluetooth module I am only able to transmit serial data from the mcu to the pc.  The mcu does not recognize any data that is received from the bluetooth module.  Any ideas?


It should have occurred to me that the output of the bluetooth bee was 3.3V level.  I routed the serial output through an rf isolator (5V supply) and my communicating with the motorola mcu was fixed.  Works nice now.  Hopefully that will help someone else.