Hi Stanley,

Great foundation for new projects and I got your data logger kit #3 to try it out.  I can't get it to communicate with my car at all.  In fact I get identical results if the ODB2 adapter is plugged into my car or not.

The LCD says "Initializing..." and then a few seconds later it says "Coolant Temp: 0" regardless if the adapter is plugged into my car or not.

Here is the most basic sketch I'm trying to do just to read something from my car.

[code]#include <Arduino.h>
#include <Wire.h>
#include <OBD.h>
#include <MultiLCD.h>

LCD_ILI9325D lcd; // for Itead 2.8" TFT shield

COBDI2C obd;
int value = 0;

void setup()
  lcd.print("Initializing... ");
  // start communication with OBD-II UART adapter
  // initiate OBD-II connection until success
  while (!obd.init()); 

void loop()
  obd.read(PID_COOLANT_TEMP, value);
  lcd.print("Coolant Temp: ");

Any pointers on why it would not be communicating with my car?  The adapter is plugged into the mega sensor shield through the I2C port and is correctly oriented as it powers up the board and LCD from the ODBII port and I've also tried powering it up through the USB port too.  Key is turned to the on position in the car.  It's a 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra if it makes any difference.

Anyone have any ideas?  Is it possibly the ODB libraries?  Is there a way to get an older version of them?

Also I'm confused on this part

[code]// initiate OBD-II connection until success
  while (!obd.init());[/code]

All that does is wait for the Arduino to communicate with the OBD-II adapter.  I thought it would require the adapter to be in the car and communicating with the car?  Is that intended behavior?

Did you correctly connect OBD-II cable to the I/O shield?

Best I can tell yes.  There were no instructions included on how to connect it but I only see one I2C connector.  I looked at the traces on the circuit board and figured out which is ground and positive power and the other two appeared to be inputs for the Arduino.  Based on that I knew which way around to put in the connector.

Also if I plug the ODB-II connector into my car it powers up the Arudino and LCD which I assume means the cable is in correct.

Also when I power up the Arduino it hangs for ever trying to initialize the ODB-II device if its not connected but when I plug it in it finds it.
I do not.  Is there a way to look it up?  It's a 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra.  Pretty standard Ford I believe.  I use SCT tuning software and data logging and have no issues communicating with my car (sctflash.com) so I don't believe there's any fault with the  ODB-II port per say.
Tried it on the 2007 BMW tonight and it works :(  That sucks because I specifically purchased this to build up a project in the Mustang.  What can I do to get it to work?  I have one of those ELM327 bluetooth connectors from Ebay and it works great in the Mustang sending into to "Torque" app on my Android phone.  I was really wanting to build my own system with more features.

Please advise.
So I can keep your Arduino, IO board and LCD setup but just remove the ODB-II adapter.  I had purchased the logger #3 kit which is I2C.

So I'll purchase another blue tooth ELM327 from ebay (don't want to destroy my current one) and then remove the blue tooth chip and try and get tx and rx like you said.  Will that mean I need to change from I2C to serial right?

Any specific ELM327 adapter you know of that I should purchase?