By martinl
I have a Renault Laguna (07). With the engine off, I can plugin in ODB2 connector (on my kit 3 setup) and it powers up detects GPS and ODB2 adapter with green ticks but all the engine managment stuff has red x's next to them.

The display shows GPS data and Gyro/Acceleromter data. However I then can't start the engine. When I press the engine start button nothing happens - no dash lights, nothing.

If I unplug the adapter I can start the car fine. When I plug it in all of the warning lights on my dash light up (airbags, ABS brakes, etc etc). When I unplug it these then go away.

Any Ideas? I assumed the ODB2 adapter was passive (that it just reads the data from ODB) could it be squirting data out onto the bus?


Update: Just checked and this happens if I just plug the ODB2 adapter in by itself (not connected to the arduino running the sketch..