By mitsakos
Hey Stanley,

I have got an issue with my connection and (even though I am afraid I know the answer) I will go on and ask in case you have some intuition.

I have purchased the Freematics OBDII I2C adapter, connected it to Vcc,Ground and SCL-SDA respectively.

I made a test with the initial code for the rpm>3000 --> pin 13 to be ON - Made the run with my Smart fortwo diesel and worked like a charm.

Then i tried on my peugeot 106 (2000) and I had no response. The OBD gives power to the arduino as should be. By checking the pins of the OBDII plug (black & white in colour) I noticed that the pins 7 (ISO9141-2-K-line) and 14(ISO9141-2 Low) are connected to wires. By checking all the databases that I could find I saw that the protocol used is this ISO9141 or otherwise stated as KWP2000.

Isn't that correct?

Thank you in advance for the reply!
By mitsakos
I understand and thank you for the reply.

I have one more question, since I can make my tests on my other car.

How can I add a PID?
i undestand that I have to define it as the others are defined in your library
(eg. #define PID_O2_SENSOR 0x14)

But where do I state the calculations needed to show actual values? (in this case - A/200).

Do you suggest to do them in the loop and just have "A" as a raw value that I manipulate?

Thank you in advance.