By kingguy3
Hi, I'm new to this, and I only bought the model b adapter itself and not the kit.

I tried setting up in my prof's car with the sample code (with the RPM test and the all-read)
and all I get is the gyro readings and 0 gps data(because I don't have the gps part, I guess remove the code for that part5)
and the strange thing is, there is no data not even for RPM( i know there is a little rev on a car on idle), or throttle, after the GPS read it goes blank then repeats.

I don't know if it's my connection to the car's obd port or my connection to the mpu6050, but I think it's my connection in my board because I still have to test it with a serial monitor and a laptop.

Black = Gnd
Red = 5V
Blue = SDA (pin 20)
Yellow = SCL (pin21)
So basically I have my obd connected, and my arduino connected to my laptop.
Do I still need the 2 power sources? or am I doing something wrong?

also been searching for the other PIDs, but the basic ones are still in there, so I got the PID_FUEL_LEVEL and some but I can't find the rest from the OBD PID list from wiki. Do I need to declare those in the .h?
By kingguy3
nvm, I got it to read some RPM, then loses read afterwards... or I'm just blind because of how fast the read is.

Now the guy we borrowed the car from has a complaint, that his car's RPM Gauge is going low. Can the OBD adapter burn or interrupt the Gauges?