By mcdonald.gerry
I ordered the latte panda with windows 10 activation. However, when the device came Windows 10 was installed however not activated. There is no license key in the box. How do I get my license key?
By Wendy.Hu
Dear Sir

Please check the board you received , is the DFR0418?
And DFR0418 is pre-activated the board. So you need get in online and activated it. And please restart it if necessary.
If it still not activated please contact with DFRobot and ask a replacement.
By gadman58
Had the same issue with the DFR0418 board i had ordered.
I downloaded a copy of ProduKey and ran it.
There is a line called Windows(Bios OEM Key) copied the product key from that line.
Went into windows activation selected change product key and then followed the prompts.
When I got to the screen that asked for the key i pasted the new one in and it Activated windows at that point.

By millersp
I've written to you (Wendy Hu) 3 weeks ago and entered into the Direct message about this activation problem 2 weeks ago. I have ordered the correct board but I've failed in all the normal ways of activating it. Is there a code you can send me so I can activate the thing. It wont let me alter any settings until it is.
By nickthe4th
I had this same problem, I checked the model and it was the pre activated version. I ran Produkey and copied the bios key into the setup, and it worked.
By queenie9304
Hi, 1. could you pls send us your order ID to [email protected]? we will check if you ordered our activated model or unactivated one.
2. pls check the tutorial below to find your product key. Pls note you need to have Internet connection when activate your Windows.
3. Have you reflashed BIOS or reinstalled windows after you received LattePanda boards?
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By charlie.chisholm
I too am having this issue. I paid the extra $100 to get an activated copy of Windows 10 and now it looks like I didn't get it. Can you tell me what's up with that.