By xabizq
CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers for Macintosh OSX (v5.2.4) is not valid.

I bought Firebeetle ESP32 recently and I want to install it on a macOS High Sierra Version 10.13.6. I have done a lot of tests and it is impossible. Can you help me please?
By amelia0kjburgess
Hey, I have a question related to mac laptop. I hope someone from the community can offer me some advice. I am a first-year teacher at a college, but I lack computer skills. You know Covid was burdensome for all the employers, including teacher that needs to reskill themselves. I had training where I learned new communication technics, but I forgot to ask how to record meetings on zoom. I found an article with apps for recording, but I do not have time to check how they work. Do you know what's best for my purpose?
By rebeccabondvqt
Hardware drivers in OS X are generally stored as Kernel Extensions in /System/Library/Extensions/, but they can also be found within an Application Bundle. To unload a Kernel extension, use kextunload. That information helped me a lot when I was installing a new drive on my MacBook. When I bought it, I had many stupid and exciting questions about how it worked or what apps are the best for mac books. I was even looking for a mac mkv player ; save that’s the thing that each MacBook owner will always search - if you know what I mean. Hopefully was able to help you a bit as well :))