HuskyLens is an easy-to-use AI machine vision sensor. It is equipped with multiple functions, such as face recognition, object tracking, object recognition, line tracking, color recognition, and tag(QR code) recognition.
By shane
I have just received my Huskylens and want to play with it from my PC with python I can develop and test fast before moving to micro controller that is slower to develop.

I have connected it via the provided cable to a usb to serial converter(CP2102) then to my PC. I have set the Huskylens to serial 115200 mode. When I power and train it to recognize something I was expecting the Husky lens to output the data of the recognize object something like the second half of this video but nothing comes out of the uart of the huskylens.

Can someone please tell me what the UART protcol is that Huskylens uses