By bryson.winchester
We've become stuck on a few projects in Tutorial 1 where the blocks seem to be missing from the Maqueen extension. Currently on the 1st level 3 project and we don't have a read(P16) infared signal block.
Hi Bryson,
Thank you for your contact and support.
Do you mean mind+? or make+?
Could you please share the tutorial document or link?
So that we can check it ASAP.
By bryson.winchester
That page does not fix my problem.

We are missing the READ IR block on page 40 of the tutorial. That is the WHEN block. If there is something more we need to do to make a read IR P16 block, we need more instruction.
By 1938391275
Hi, the previous "read P16 IR " has been changed to "infrared signal". It is just inside the When (P16) received IR Block and can be dragged out directly. For convenience sake, we combined these two blocks in this new version(the tutorial you read is based on the old version of Mind+). Thank you for your support, have fun with Maqueen and Mind+!

By bryson.winchester
OK, but where do we then put that "infrared signal" block to read it? And could the tutorials be updated to reflect the software? I have an 8 year old with ASD trying to follow your instructions and its very frustrating for him when he can't follow them exactly as shown.