Hi everyone,
I should acquire the data in PPM with the OZONE O3 I2C DFROBBOT sensor, urgently read the values on my raspberry:

Here is the OZONE sensor (0-10 ppm)
https://wiki.dfrobot.com/Gravity_IIC_Oz ... 1#target_6

I can't find any simple basic script to read the PPM values from the I2C digital OZONE sensor directly in python :ugeek: .

Only the Arduino code language I found, I urgently need your help with Python data reading language.

I repeat is an I2C bus digital OZONE sensor compatible with raspberry and python.

If you can help, it's urgent.

Hi! Could you make measurements?there is a phyton script in the .zip file of the library. Im working on arduino, the values returned from the sensor doesn t seem to be congruent. Te PPB concentration goes from 60 to 125 with or with or with out the ozone generator ON. I left the sensor power up for 48hs for the firs time, the addres is correct, i try automatic and pasive mode...but no differences....I am missing something??

I just purchased this Ozone sensor and was hoping to use it with a Raspberry Pi 4. Has this library been created for Python? I ask because the product description says it will work with the Raspberry Pi. I'm new to all this. Is there another language ( C++ maybe ) that I can use if Python is not available?