By reeyaa196
Hi there , My name’s Reeyaa. So I've been wanting to ask you something for a problem Any help will be fine. I have the 4GB/64GB/64 bits LattePanda with Windows10 , today arrived my new 7'' IPS Display, and the 7'' Capacitive Touch Panel Overlay.
I tried to make Windows10 boots with this display. If I run only with the IPS Display, it shows only a few vertical lines.
If i try with a HDMI display it runs normaly, but when i try to detect the IPS display, there is a trouble, because never detect it. Suggestions and ideas are greatly appreciated Thank you in advance.
By bonnie.shona
IP Cloning can only be done if someone has access to your computer, which would indicate that you have a problem with hackers.

Your first line of defence is antivirus software along with a firewall. You may have heard of Norton Internet Security and the reason that people use it, is because it's a well known product, which protects your computer from malicious software (viruses) or people (trojans).

I suggest you invest in purchasing yourself some similar software