By mitvxkcd
how to use USBBLE-LINK with windows pc? :?

I connected usb ble link with my computer :idea:
after that nothing happens/shows nothing
do we have to install any drivers?

how do we use the usb ble link? :?:
By 347945801
Generally speaking, when the USB-BLE Link is plugged into the computer, the serial port of Arduino Uno will appear in the device manager. You need to enter AT commands in this serial port to configure it to connect to Bluno's Bluetooth.
By oliveadams1999
It can be plugged into the Arduino controller using the XBEE base for Bluetooth wireless control. Standard USB interface. Support for firmware update via USB. Install Arduino UNO USB driver, default host mode.
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By glionameghan
This product fixes any BLE problems between BLUNO BEETLE and Windows. Windows still doesn't have API's for BLE. This device allows wireless programming as well as serial connection between ARDUINO IDE and LABVIEW using BLE.