By tvuong

I know you allow us to change the Bluetooth advertising name using the command AT+NAME (0x09). Is it possible to change any of the other data that is being advertised by the Bluno. I need to be able to change the manufacturing specific data (0xFF). Is it possible create a command that allows us to change this field.

Currently the Bluno advertises the following data

Length: 0x02
Type: 0x01
Data: 0x05

Length: 0x26
Type: 0xFF <-- Manufacturing Specific Data Field (I need to be able to change this value)
Data: 0x4C000215E2C56DB5DFFB48D2B060D0F5A71096E000000000C5

Length: 0x15
Type: 0X09 <-- Bluetooth Name Field (Default value showing BLE-Link)
Data: 0X424C452D4C696E6B000000000000

Length: 0x05
Type: 0X12
Data: 0x10002000

Length: 0x02
Type: 0X0A
Data: 0X00

Length: 0x05 Type:
Data: 0B0DF1218