By Apocalypse56
this is the first time i will be using the BLE link and while my android phone(HTC One) tries to connect to the BLE it ask for a PIN for pairing but i do not know the PIN for connection. Did I dfrobot something that must have been done before connecting the BLE through android?  :-[
thank you
By Grey.CC
Hello Apocalypse56,
Generally, we use our [url=]Android app[/url] to connect BLUNO and BLE.
And it requires Android 4.3 and Bluetooth 4.0.
For update the firmware and the other setting, you could check [url=]Bluno wiki page[/url]
By Apocalypse56
By the way, should I use a logic converter? I am using a generic one but i check the schematic of BLUNO and compared it with the BLE LINK and the way I see it is that in BLUNO the RX,TX of the ATMEGA328 is directly connected with 4.7Kohm Resistor to the RX,TX of the CC2540F256(main chip of the BLE LINK).

I did not see any circuit for logic converter, or I just missed it in the schematic.
here are the link of the schematic
By Grey.CC
Sorry for the late reply.
You are so careful.
It is caused by the different reference substance.
We use the AVR chip as the reference substance, so the RX and TX of the CC2540 will be opposite.
Maybe you will confuse it. But that is OK.
Just remember that the Rx and Tx led on the board is opposite.
Don't worry about it.
By abds
I'm new to arduino. I'm trying to pair a BLUNO with Samsung Note 3 but I don't know the pin. I've tried updating the firmware to 1.9.1 but I do not know how to set the pin. I've read through the wiki page and did not see any info. Can you please direct me on to perform the pairing?

Also, do I have to use the APK provided? Can I develop my own?

Thank you!
By kevanjake
Hi, I want to use bluno as media remote for phone/pc. I know that I have to use 0x09 value for HID descriptor byte (HID Consumer), but I can not figure up how to change this.
It exist an AT cmd to change descriptor or another option to arhive this without to writte another firmware for CC2540?