By george.dem.1984
Friends, I want to raise a very interesting topic. Business using a 3d printer. To many, after watching videos about the capabilities of a 3D printer on the YouTube channel, it seems that they will buy it and will make money. But, in reality, everything is different. They simply do not find a sales market or even do not understand what to do with this toy. They will print some trinkets for the house and that's it, it remains dusty or goes for sale.
When I was considering buying a 3D printer, I initially thought about what I would print and for whom. And here are the thoughts I had. There are girls, at first they are single, but then they get married, give birth and on maternity leave. Many of them, and not only, are looking for a part-time job, an occupation for this time and begin to cook. Cooking. Cookies. And what do you need for cookies or gingerbread? That's right, the form. This is the target market. Having monitored the market for cooking forms, I realized that with the proper approach, you can make money on it. Now I am sharing with you.
By mariaaulwmarshall
I have never used a 3D printer and always when I thought whether I should buy it, I realized that they were too expensive. I'm not sure if you have a really good business idea. I can certainly be wrong.
By wallacesophiewsq
Personally, I really love watching videos on YouTube as people print something on a 3D printer. Especially when it's a timelapse, it's very satisfying, because of this, there is always a desire to make your own timelapse with a 3b printer. The idea for a business is really very good!"
By bodrogiyacintiar48
I really like the way you think. However, in my opinion, everything is a little more complicated than it seems. You can't just buy a bunch of goods that are in high demand, then sell it and get a profit just like that. Usually, when people buy something, they initially look at the reputation of the store. In order for you to have a good reputation, you need to make and advertise your beautiful and convenient website. Be sure not to forget to use kyc aml software, which can help from bad people with a bad reputation. It will be less convenient to sell products without a website than with it. Although there is of course a question of delivery of the goods, but I think that this is the least of all problems. So first you should think about the website, and then think about the products that you can sell!
By pafiwa3332
By any means, the 3D printing market is not trivial. The 3D printing sector is valued more than $14 billion globally.

According to conservative estimates, this market will increase to 4 billion dollars in 2021.
This data should be sufficient proof that the market is viable and yet to be explored.

As you can see, 3D printing has gained a lot of traction, and the market is expanding, which means there are a lot of lucrative chances for entrepreneurs who want to start a 3D printing company.

Here are six profitable 3D printing company ideas if you're willing to get your feet wet in this field.

1. Print on Demands Service
2. 3D Printing and Designing Service Center
3. Design 3D Printing Files
4. Customizable Accessory Company
5. Spare Part Company
6. Customizable Toy Company

Also, a large budget is not required to begin a 3D printing business. You'll only need a 3D best printer and some printing materials. You don't need to spend money on software because professional 3D modelling programmes such as SketchUp are available for free.
By rebeccabondvqt
To be honest, I don't think that buying a 3D printing was a good investment. The printer is pretty expensive, and if you want to return your money, you need to have many clients. But nowadays, I don't think that 3D printing is that demanding. Still, if you are sure that this business will bring you money, you will surely need cash flow support. For instance, you can use the help of factoring companies for small businesses. Wish you mate the best of luck in developing your business.
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By hughescaroline498
I think it is a good idea! But whatever business you start, make sure the name of it is relevant and catchy, as there much depends on the name. I can recommend a good service I used for picking video game names, as it helped me find an awesome unique name for my gaming company, I'm sure you'll be satisfied.
By lattatakes177
Nice idea! This magic 3D printer does creative things, but few things are practical. Cooking forms are easy to make, even with the printer, but the thing is the material. I am not sure you would use thermoplastic for cooking. I prefer silicone or some more robust materials. But It could work with proper advertising and an attractive price. I am a pastry cooker, and the only thing I did with the 3D printer was built cakes and cupcakes to expose my shop and make it look attractive to the customers. So it worked for me. If you think to open the business during Covid, this company can help you prevent your company from insolvency and tax problems. Good luck!